DBrownBK150How To Kick Back Time

The Kick Back Time routine is about longevity and staying in great physical conditioning for as long as you live. This routine is for those who care about their health and want to maintain it. This is not a get fit quick scam like many you seen on television. It is a way of life. It requires you to invest time and money in yourself by putting a gym somewhere in your home and using it every day for at least an hour.

Over forty years of training went into the creation of this program. You will use Martial Arts techniques and equipment four days a week and free weights or machines three days a week.

Kicking Back Time isn’t just physical but is a mental game as well. If you follow my recommendations and prepare yourself, you will succeed. I know this can happen because I am living proof. Do not simply buy equipment and begin to use it but instead read each chapter carefully and understand the many components that go into being physically on top. You must train your mind so it can help you train your body.