pic on bio pageDave Brown is a former professional kickboxer, personal trainer, inventor of patented inventions and author.

He began lifting weights when he was ten years old and it turned into a lifestyle of fitness. Brown fought in the golden gloves boxing competition at sixteen years of age. High school was gymnastics and this is where he developed his flexibility. In 1982 he became Pennsylvania state champion in kickboxing. Later he turned pro and was undefeated in pro bouts. He holds high ranks in Chinese and Philippine Martial Arts, specifically Kempo Karate and stick fighting. He has trained many personal students over the years as well as law enforcement personnel and body guards.

Brown invented the Rafter Hanger and Single Joist Hanger, two patented ways for hanging a punching bag. He has made USA bag hangers and gym equipment for over fifteen years, with over seven thousand Rafter Hangers sold in the United States. With over 40 years experience in fitness, he gladly talks to any person or group about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

His equipment can be seen at:

Dave has followed a fitness lifestyle for over four decades. He truly knows that if you have your health, you are very rich.